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    Dr. Prashant Singh Rana

    President, Microsoft Student Chapter

    pink cube @ranasaheb

    Dr. Prashant Singh Rana is an Assistant Professor Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is the president and mentor for the TEAM "Microsoft Student Chapter". His teachings and research interests include: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Optimization using softcomputing techniques (GA, DE, PSO, ACO). Combinatorial Problems, Parallel Algorithms, Modelling and Simulation, Bioinformatics (Protein Folding, Drug Discovery and Next Gen Seq).
    He was the project scientist the Supercomputing Facility for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (SCF-Bio), IIT Delhi, India. He has a total publications of 22 extending from IEEE to ACM.

    Day 2 - 9:00am

    Expertise: Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

  • saksham pink cube

    Mr. Saksham Choudhary

    Co-founder, Learncodeonline, INC, Delwara, USA

    pink cube @thecomputerguy

    Saksham is a world renowned info sec researcher, international speaker and has worked with a team who has solved Ahmadabad Bomb Blast Case. Reported security flaws and bugs in facebook, google, envato, themeforest, US Foods etc.
    Became co-founder at learncodeonline.in. Given a great boost to LCO, sold 10,000+ online copies & within a very short time of 3 months LCO is listed in the top 10k websites of India. LCO and Saksham has trained thousands of students in big colleges like SRM Chennai, IIT Bombay, Mody College etc.
    Saksham is teaching 30,000+ students in 150+ countries. At a very early age, he is considered as the top online instructors today. Served for Fortune Indian companies likes Dunes Harley Davidson, Jaguar Vendors, Renua Medical (Canada). Currently persuing HarvardX – CS50 semester & Computer Forensics Module CYBER502x Under Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

    Day 2 - 10:00am

    Expertise: Cyber Security and Cryptography

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    Mr. Ankush Chawla

    Senior Software Developer, Amazon, India

    pink cube @andhapaisa

    Ankush Chawla is a Senior Software Developer at Amazon, India. He is close acquaintance with Industry demands and design.

    Day 2 - 11:00am

    Expertise: Software Design, Technology Enabled Learning

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    Vice-President, Utrade Solutions, India

    pink cube @blockchainguy

    He is the CoFounder & Vice President Technology, Hashcove Limited Vice President-Software Engineering, uTrade Solutions. He is specializes in Blockchain technologies and is the head of blockchain solutions at Utrade Solutions.

    Day 2 - 10:00am

    Expertise: Blockchain, Strategic Trading Software Framework Development, Retail Trading Infra development


  • chirag pink cube

    Mr. Chirag Mahawar

    General Secretary, Microsoft Student Chapter, TIET

  • tanuj pink cube

    Mr. Tanuj Vishnoi

    Finance Secretary, Microsoft Student Chapter, TIET

  • tanisha pink cube

    Ms. Tanisha Jain

    Joint Secretary, Microsoft Student Chapter, TIET

  • sai pink cube

    Mr. Sai Siddartha Maram

  • bhavay pink cube

    Mr. Bhavay Pahuja

  • rahul pink cube

    Mr. Rahul Raj

  • tathagat pink cube

    Mr. Tathagat Thapliyal

  • parv pink cube

    Mr. Parv Agarwal

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